Friday, February 12, 2010

WESTCHESTER NEW YORK ANIMAL TRAPPING CONTROL ,Westcher county New york skunk removal and control, Westchester county New York raccoon removal and control, Westchester county New York opossum removal and control, Westchester County New York coyote removal and control, Call Westchester New York ANIMAL TRAPPING @ 18777245314

At Westcher New York All City Animal Trapping we specialize in all humane animal trapping and removal.  All of our Westchester New York technicians are expertly trained in all aspects of urban wildlife. We use nothing but the top of the line cutting edge methods to successfully solve any animal related issue with minimum risk or complication to your home.  At All City Animal Trapping Westchester New York we take pride in our work and making sure that every customer is fully satisfied before completion of our jobs.
In addition to animal trapping and removal we also offer home repairs, attic restoration, deodorizing and disinfecting of contaminated areas as well as many other services.  We pride ourselves in being your one stop shop for all of your home needs.  Call Westchester New York animal trapping today for a pest free tomorrow 18777245314 or check out our Los Angeles California trappers website at

Westchester county New York attic clean up and disinfecting. We remove all of the soiled insulation mainly by vacuum and rest by hand. Then we do a thermal fogging to destroy any left over bacteria, pheromones that might attract other animals. Rats , Raccoons, Squirrels in Westchester New York love attics for nesting and making homes or dens to have babies. Call us 18777245314 or view our Los Angeles California Trappers website at  Raccoon mothers love making nests in attics with their young. Its warm its Safe and they feel protected from predators. As far as urban raccoons go there arent to many predators maybe a coyote or car, but for the most part their pretty free to rome. Raccoons love trash , left overs, and normally can be found sharing food with your dog or cat. If theres not enough then they can show signs of aggression.


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