Monday, February 1, 2010

Pacific Palisades Animal Trapping, Pacific Palisades animal control, Pacific Palisades Wildlife Removal

All City Animal Trapping has been the leader in animal trapping and removal services of the Pacific Palisades area for over 20 years. We guarantee to beet any of our competitors prices and offer the most experienced, friendly, and honest technicians on the field. ACAT operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Call today for an estimate 877-724-5314

Along with trapping and removing Opossums, we also specialize in Raccoon trapping and removal, Skunk trapping and removal, rodent trapping and removal, cat trapping and removal, coyote trapping and removal, bird trapping and removal, snake trapping and removal, dead animal removal, expert animal proofing repairs, clean up and decontamination, animal odor removal, custom traps sales and rentals, and organic pest control. Call us toll free for a free estimate (877)724-5314 

The Pacific Palisades provide a vast and lush landscape for both it's residents and their backyard wildlife. These animal seem cute and harmless but in fact cause a lot of damage that ends up being, costly, unsightly, and even dangerous for the homeowner. This goes without mentioning the diseases these animals carry and the threats they pose to your pets and young children. You need an expert to safely capture and remove these animals. We have seen painful situations arise when the ego driven husband tries to take things into his own hands. Please don't take these risks. Call us today for a safe and painless solution to your animal problem. 

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