Tuesday, February 2, 2010


California animal trappers the most well known of trapping companies in California is All City Animal Trapping CAll us @ 18777245314. California is beautiful place to live. Were hours away from the beach , snow, mountains, and deserts. I prefer the beach. Im the proud owner of All City Animal Trapping and Ive lived here most of my life. I love the beach cities and the freindly laid back attitude everybody has. But California has its fair share of pros and cons. Alot of new homes alot of new construction, and alot of rodents and animals needing trapping. 

My specialty is skunks from underneath peoples homes normally bet owners get it the worst when their dog or cat gets sprayed while investigating a skunk. They cant help themselves or their curiosity. Opossums are nuisance aswell always crawling into attics or crawl spaces underneath peoples homes. They have alot of babies and carry them around with them until there grown enough to go off on their own. Rats are another big problem in california for animal trappers. The main focus when trapping or removing rats and any rodents should be finding all the entry and exit points that the animals use to gain entry. Theres typically alot of weak spots in fascia and roof lines, or spanish tile roofs have tons of flaws. California animal trappers does animal proof repairs to lock all animals out.

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