Thursday, February 11, 2010


All City Animal Trapping and pest control is know servicing the New York areas. Orange County New York animal trapping and control, Rockland county New York animal removal and control, New York New York animal removal and animal control, Dutchess county New York animal removal and control, Putnam animal trapping and control in New York, We even do animal removal and control in Westchester county, New York. Call us toll free and speak with trapper Matt at 18777245314, or visit our website  Trapper Matt recently moved here to Los angeles California to help All City Animal Trapping of  L.A. grow and expand into more counties and different states thru ought the U.S.A in 2010.

New York rodent removal, New York rat control, New York bird control, New York exterminating, New York Pest control, we do it all check out our old California website or call trapper matt at 18777245314. New York and the 5 burrows areas, of New York has alot of urban wildlife. Rats are a big problem some look like small opossums there so big. Pigeons are probably the worst animal causing the most destruction and
 the second largest animal problem in New York all of  the buildings and sky scrapers are homes for alot of wildlife. New York animal Trappers are all licensed and trained by the department of fish and game and licensed for pest control work as well. New york has a large raccoon population as well, litter bugs in New York are not helping with this problem at all. Opossums, rats , pigeons, coyotes, Raccoons, are all urban wildlife . Most of them are scavengers and if we as people were just a little more careful with our trash cans , trash , etc, we would cut back on the amount of varmint we attract into the urban areas on a daily basis. The more people squeeze into the already crowded cities of New York the more trash and food morcels left behind for animals and rodents to flourish. We also specialize in dead animal jobs. We love dead animal jobs because other pest control companies just are trained properly like us and were in high demand all the time. All city animal Trapping has shown up to so many jobs where the customers had three or more other companies out  pest control companies, trappers, and it wasn't until they called us that their night mare dead animal in the wall job was finally solved. The most important thing to solving a dead animal job is experience which all city animal trappers of New york has plenty of. We have been dealing with nuisance wildlife for over 15 years and when one of or trappers gets stuck on a job trapper Trevor is only a phone call away. Trapper Trevor isn't just a big name in the trapping world hes a legend and the owner of . He mainly just does advertising now but he hand picks and trains every new trapper they welcome into the field of exterminating and trapping. The most important thing to remember about our company is we guarantee to beat any companies price by 10% or more and most of our business is generate thru referrals so always get professional trapping services and low prices.

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