Thursday, February 25, 2010

los angeles california rat proofing repairs raccoon removal control in la california trapping raccoon in my attic raccoons with babies in la raccoons tearing up my lawn. call ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING AT 18777245314

This is a photo one of our trappers took from inside an attic of a family of raccoons living in a soffit. Destroying the attic areas using it as a latrine and nest area to have their young. This is a typical job where we would remove the raccoons by hand, on this job in particular we used eviction liquid. Trapper mike threw several cotton balls soaked in eviction liquid into the bottom of the soffit. When he returned three days later the raccoon family had disappeared and moved its family to a new safe location. Eviction liquid jobs are typically done in tight spaces when our trappers are against trapping and cant grab the younger raccoons by hand. Eviction liquid treatments cost anywhere from 150 to 500 depending on how much time and work is involved. The process can take several treatments and up to a week to work before you see the family of raccoons leave. Eviction liquid is made of male raccoon glands, urine, and poop, made into a concoction of some horribly smelling stuff. Basically its male raccoon pheromones in too go bottle. When applied the mother raccoon smells the pheromones of a dominant male raccoon and panics scared for her babies safety she picks up and moves them immediately to a safer location, hopefully away from your home. When not done properly the mother raccoon some times moves the babies to new locations inside the attic or underneath your home. Call us at 18777245314 or check out are website at ALLCITYANIMALTRAPPING.COM
Raccoon babies trapper mike removed by hand from an attic after scaring off the mother. Then he placed them outside the home in a box safely for the mother to take them some where else out of this customers home in alhambra california. Baby raccoons need to stay with the mother until their eyes are fully open and they are able to fiend for them selves for food. They need to be fed several times a day from a bottle if orphaned to replace the mothers milk pedialite formula is recommended by most animal rehabbers. Raccoon babies require alot of experience to feed and keep alive during baby raising time. I recommend you find a wildlife rehabber and dont do this yourself. Its a very tough job and their survival rests in your hands. 
This is a photo trapper devin took while on a raccoon in attic job in beverly hills california. Raccoon mothers typically have litters once or twice a year for several years. They find an area or home they like and return there every year to have their babies. In this case the mother raccoon has been using this customers home in beverly hills california for almost six years. We have a new office in beverly hills check out are website at beverlyhillsanimalremoval.comNotice the little babies head poking out this would be another great job to use eviction liquid if the babies couldn't be removed by hand. Notice how tight the attic location is where the mother and baby raccoons are. They love choosing wall soffits and those hard to reach areas as homes where they feel protected and hidden. An easy way to keep raccoons from getting into your home or attic is having a professional inspection done by one of our trappers. Other things you can do on your own at home is trim and prune all trees and bushes down to size and away from your roof line. The best is sealing up all holes where roof line meet. Also for extra precautions use thin sheet metal wrap from home depot and wrap the tree in it for several feet.  Making that tree once used as a ladder to your home is now unclimbable because the metal on their claws disables them from getting any grip or traction to climb. This also works great for rats and squirrels getting into attics. Call and ask for trapper trevor on his cell phone at 18777245314, or check out our website at ALLCITYANIMALTRAPPING.COM

This is a great photo taken by trapper devin while on a job in Sherman Oaks California. This shows a typical entry or exit point used by raccoons, rats, opossums, bats, leaving alot of dirt and grease behind as evidence of a high traffic area making it easy for our trappers to locate. This little opening gave a family of rats full access to this families entire attic. The photo shows an example of trapper Devins repairs helping to solve the rat problem. Heavy duty mesh, screw, and a little liquid nails is all thats needed to seal up most rodent and animal entry points. Almost all inspections require trappers to go in the attic, on the roof, and under the home. We search high and low to get to the source of the problem. We focus mainly on repairs of entries and exit points that should be closed immediately after all wildlife has been removed from your home. The only exception is rat jobs where repairs are done during the first and second visits. Rat traps are placed inside the area and locked inside forcing them to go for our traps.  A secret to trapping mice or rats at home is of coarse sealing off all entry and exit points. Then bait traps for a week or two not setting them just baiting. This gets the rodents trust and habits to change by feeding on your bait. I typically use peanut butter, chocolate, and slim jims. After a week of feed ing them set your traps and bamm youll have most of them trapped in that first night. This method is also good to use when trapping almost any wildlife typically pigeons , and coyotes. Always place rat traps along walls look for dirt or grease marks they rarely travel out in the open.
Contact me trapper Trevor directly on my cell phone at 18777245314  or check out our website at ALLCITYANIMALTRAPPING.COM we also trap and remove problem coyotes, bird control, pigeon control, rat control, raccoon trapping, opossum removal, bat exclusion, gopher and mole removal and trapping, feral cat trapping with permits, dog removal, snakes removal like corn snake, king snake, rattle snake removal.  Squirrels control from attics is the big one right now. We have professional wildlife trappers in all of southern california including fresno, Bakersfeild county, San Francisco county, San Luis Abispo county, Santa Barbra county , county, county, Ventura county, San Deigo,, Orange County animal removal. We also have a new office in New York and the five burrows areas aswell.


  1. Rat Control/ Pest control is as old as agriculture as its always been needed to keep crops, food stocks protected from the competition of such pests. Rats and other pests have become a problem due largely to the direct actions of humans. Changing these actions can often reduce the pest problem.

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