Friday, October 30, 2009

euthanasia by injection

No one wants to see an animal suffer.  The California Dept of fish and game has done extensive testing on urban wildlife. Those tests have shown 80% of animals that are relocated more than a mile from where they were caught, will die from the shock.  CADFG requires animal trappers to either release an animal within 1/4 mile of where it was caught or euthanize.  The most humane way to euthanize an animal is through lethal injection, using sodium pentobarbital.

Our goal is to get the animal out of our customers home and close off the entry points. Once this is done we can release the animal at a near by park or even in the yard. However in some cases we pick up a very sick or inured animal, or maybe the customer has young children and this animal poses a threat. if this situation arises, we are proud to say that we have completed the certification for euthanasia by injection, none of the animals we trap will ever suffer. This is an important factor in our line of work.