Sunday, May 23, 2010

All City Animal Trapping opossum removal, opossum control, opossum trapping in LA OC Riverside San Bernardino and Ventura

All City Animal Trapping and Pest control- The leaders in affordable opossum control, opossum removal, baby opossum removal, humane opossum relocation, and opossum prevention.

opossums are not the most attractive creatures, often referred to as rodents of unusual size. At All City Animal Trapping we love opossums, they are docile, slow creatures which makes for an easy capture. They do carry diseases so we DO NOT recommend removing them on your own. Call a professional today for a opossum free tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

dead animal odor, dead animal locating and removing, dead animal control in california

 At All City Animal Trapping we offer all inclusive animal removal services including our specialty of professional location and removal of dead animals in your home or work place.
When an animal dies in your home it leaves behind an awful odor that gets much worse over time. With over 20 years experience in this field, we are able to locate and remove the carcass 97% of the time. We guarantee to beet our competitors prices and there is nothing we wont do to get the animal out, with the home owners permission of course!

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Animal clean up decontamination deodorizing and repair work from All City Animal Trapping

All City Animal Trapping and Pest Control- 877-824-5314

In addition to wildlife removal and pest control services, we offer expert repairs, clean ups, decontamination, re-insulation, and deodorizing. Wild animals are usually dirty and unvaccinated which makes them huge carriers for disease. If an animal had been living in or around you home, your family could be at risk. Call us today today for a consultation at your home.

 Trapper Trevor decontaminating and deodorizing an attic where a mother and her cubs had been living for two months. There was infected feces, urine, fur, and nesting material that had saturated the wood and air of the attic.

Trapper devin re-insulating a rat infested attic. This home had a huge rat infestation for over a year, the rats saturated the insulation of the attic with their feces, urine, and dead carcass'.

Call us today even if you aren't sure what it looks like up there!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Skunk Control, skunk removal, skunk trapping, skunk experts and skunk prevention in LA, OC, Riverside, San Bernardinio, Ventura, and San Diego California

All City Animal Trapping and Pest control- The leaders in affordable skunk control, skunk removal, baby skunk removal, humane skunk relocation, and skunk prevention.

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Its getting hot in Southern California, summer is right around the corner. This warm weather brings a host of nuisance animal and insect problems. There is no need to look any further for an all inclusive wildlife removal and pest control company. We are backed by over 20 years of experience, we offer a guarantee to beet any competitors pricing, we are the only animal removal service that is licensed and insured for both animal trapping and pest control problems.

Skunks breed in the warm months of Spring usually under your home, shed, trees, bushes, or garage. For a homeowner this means a new (stinky) family thinks that their home is right under your home. There is not a lot that will deter a skunk from their safe haven other than physically removing and relocating them. Skunks can be destructive little critters and if left to their own devices they will dig burrows anywhere they can, eat everything in site, continue to multiply, and of course fill your home with that awful skunk aroma. At All City animal Trapping we are staffed with the best urban wildlife experts in California. Our goal is solve your human-animal conflict in the most humane, professional, and affordable way possible.

We love skunks so much that we chose a skunk Mascot to represent our company at the Newport Beach, Paws of the Planet event last year!

All City animal Trapping covers every type of wildlife and pest problem our there. Call us today for a quote!