Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Animal clean up decontamination deodorizing and repair work from All City Animal Trapping

All City Animal Trapping and Pest Control- 877-824-5314

In addition to wildlife removal and pest control services, we offer expert repairs, clean ups, decontamination, re-insulation, and deodorizing. Wild animals are usually dirty and unvaccinated which makes them huge carriers for disease. If an animal had been living in or around you home, your family could be at risk. Call us today today for a consultation at your home.

 Trapper Trevor decontaminating and deodorizing an attic where a mother and her cubs had been living for two months. There was infected feces, urine, fur, and nesting material that had saturated the wood and air of the attic.

Trapper devin re-insulating a rat infested attic. This home had a huge rat infestation for over a year, the rats saturated the insulation of the attic with their feces, urine, and dead carcass'.

Call us today even if you aren't sure what it looks like up there!

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