Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All City Animal Trapping! Urban Wildlife Specialists!

This is Trapper Devin. Trapper Devin is one of our most skilled animal trappers. He has an affinity for animals. He owns 3 dogs, a pig, several birds, several lizards, a snake, has a pond with crawfish and koi, and he even rescues animals. Trapper Devin is a man's man and is capable of just about anything regarding animals or home repair. He is also one of our most experienced trappers and specializes in coyotes, bees, rat & mice, dead animal removal and attic overhauls. Trapper Devin is a consummate professional. He is a hard-working, devoted man and he is also expecting his first child soon. If you have any sort of animal issue, we at All City Animal Trapping are sure that Trapper Devin can handle it. Please contact us @ 877.724.5314. You can also visit our website @ for more photos, videos or links to our facebook & twitter accounts. Thank you!


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