Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 Do you have an odor in your home not related to plumbing? You might have a dead animal in your house. Please call All City Animal Trapping for your free quote for dead animal removal. You can contact us by visiting our website @ too. We at All City Animal Trapping go into attics, crawlspaces, under sheds, chimneys, vents or any other place that an animal can get into. We've provided services for Southern California for 20+ years and have seen it all. We have the resources and experience to handle any animal-related situation that you may be experiencing. We do a thorough inspection of the home. From there we search for the strongest smell that we can find to help locate the carcass. Our technicians carry fiberoptic cameras with them to assist locating dead animals in walls between bays or in crawlspaces between floors.  We locate the animal, remove the animal and treat the area where the animal was found to help in removing the odor as quickly as possible. After we remove the animal and apply treatment, we can do an additional inspection to locate the entry-point that the animal used and do animal-proofing repairs to make sure the home is sealed and this doesn't reoccur. We look forward to serving you. Thanks!