Wednesday, June 1, 2011

All City Animal Trapping & Urban Wildlife Removal Specialists in Los Angeles and Orange County

Meet Trapper Mike. Trapper Mike is an easy-going guy who loves the ocean and specifically body-boarding. He's a positive guy with a great outlook who just absolutely loves the water. When he's not going big and charging swells in Southern California, he might be under your house looking for animals. When he first started with All City Animal Trapping he was hesitant to touch exotic animals. Now, he runs up on snakes, skunks, scorpions, etc.. and removes them by hand. That is his specialty. It is extremely difficult to find someone who can remove an animal by hand, on the spot. Not for us or you for that matter. You can contact us @ 877.724.5314 or at our website @ There are plenty of photos and videos featuring Trapper Mike. If you have an exotic animal (or a pet who got loose) please do not hesitate to call us at anytime. We at All City Animal Trapping look forward to serving you. We offer same-day service and a low-price guarantee! Talk to you soon...