Tuesday, May 24, 2011

All City Animal Trapping, Humane, Live Animal Removal

Have you met Trapper Jordan? Not yet? Well let me tell you a little about him. Trapper Jordan is our live animal removal specialist. Above, he rescued this baby opossum who was left by the mother. Trapper Jordan then took the baby opossum to a refuge so it could be nursed back to health and then released healthy into the wild. Below, Trapper Jordan went into this crawl space and snared a live mother opossum with six babies attached. He then went back under the house and grabbed two more babies by hand to make sure that the entire family remained intact. Trapper Jordan is a hard-worker who is an ex-framer. So he understands structure and where animals can and can't go. If you are experiencing any animal issues please give us a call and we'll send out Trapper Jordan for you.


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