Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hermosa Beach Dead Animal Removal, Dead Animal Removal in Hermosa Beach

  Do you have a bad smell coming from your crawl space? If you have a bad smell that you think is a dead animal give us a call and we will locate the carcass even if it's in an area that can't be reached through your crawl space or attic. Like the picture below, we removed a rats carcass from inside a wall at a customers house. We'll give you a full inspection to locate the animal. Once we locate and remove the carcass we will treat the area so the odor dissipates quickly. We work 7 days a week and we also have an emergency service so you can gives us a call anytime @ 877.724.5314 day or night, seven days a week and we will get a technician over to you as soon as possible. We service all cities in Los Angeles County, from the high desert to the south bay. 
Tell your friends, family and co-workers about All City Animal Trapping. If you got an animal causing problems in your home give us a call and we will be on our way!
We also trap urban wild animals such as opossums, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, snakes, squirrels, foxes and more. Visit our website @ www.allcityanimaltrapping.com for more info or photos.

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