Friday, April 22, 2011

Dead Animal Removal in Hermosa Beach, Hermosa Beach dead animal removal

 Do you have a dead animal odor in your home or business? Then Call All City Animal Trapping today for your free quote for dead animal removal. Our direct line is 877.724.5314. We deal with these issues on a daily basis and specialize in locating the animals in between walls and/ or floors. We carry fiber-optic cameras to assist us in locating the carcass. We offer same-day service and a low-price guarantee as well. We have over 20 + years of experience in the industry. Please call us today for your free quote. You can also visit our website @ www.allcityanimaltrapping.comThank you and have a great day.


  1. Electronic traps are also available if you are looking for a lethal option. Metal plates are used to deliver a lethal dose of electricity once the rodent is detected. These products have evolved to the point that the device will send you an alert when it has been triggered via e-mail.

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