Friday, April 15, 2011

Crawl Space Inspections by Professionals in Los Angeles & Orange County

 Do you have unwanted critters nesting in your crawl space??? This is Trapper Devin. Not an unwanted critter. He is a crawl space specialist. When it comes to removing dead animals, treatments, sanitization, deodorization, or any other service your crawl space needs, Trapper Devin is the man for the job. You can reach us @ 877.724.5314. Or check out our website for more info, photos or links for Facebook or Twitter @ Our trained operators are standing by waiting with your free quote! At All City Animal Trapping all of our Technicians are experienced and have no problem going into crawl spaces. This is one of our many specialties. Live animals or dead animals. We'll find them, remove them, treat the area and also seal up & animal proof the home. Our repairs are guaranteed. If they are breached, we will come out for free and repair them. Any animal issue that you might have we can handle. Please do not hesitate to call us @877.724.5314 or check us out on the web @ Thanks again and we'll talk to you soon!!

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