Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mother raccoon babies in my attic los angeles ca raccoons under my house los angeles california noises in my attic in los angeles california call me trapper trevor on my cell anytime day or night and have a trained wildlife professional on your door step in a speedy time frame. Dont wait around all day we offer same day animal control and trapping services. Call my cell 18777240331.

Here at all city animal trapping and pest control. We pride ourselves on doing the more difficult animal jobs, dead animal jobs, bee control, and any other jobs that other trapping and pest control companies just cant do. We have over 20 years of passed down experience from our predecessor and original all city animal trapping owner Steve Stratford. Our trapping techniques are used by others in the industry and we set the highest bar for performance on the job in the industry today. We have a crew of 8 staff helping to keep all city animal trapping rolling. From bookkeeping to trapping. We are the largest animal trapping company in Southern California. We do live animal removals by hand on spot removals from under homes and inside of attics. We amaze our customers on our dead animal jobs with a success rate of about 95 % . We constantly come out and save our customers from a horrible experience they've gone thru trying to cut corners using a less experienced trapping company with alot of promises and no real experience in the field. We just recently acquired our pest control license and are rolling up our sleeves ready to tackle the challenges of this new field aswell. Our success and growth is solely due to the dedication of our trappers and the referrals of our happy and loyal customers. I thank all  of you who have stuck by our side over the years. We know over services in ventura ca, los angeles ca, orange county ca, riverside ca, san bernardino ca, san diego ca, napa ca, santa barbara ca, almost all of southern ca. Utah and some parts of New York aswell. Im excited for the new trapping season and what jobs are to come. We will now offer spraying and structural pest control to all of our customers aswell as animal trapping and control of critters. Snakes are going to be huge this summer especially rattlers. We know offer snake fencing and installation to keep a perimeter up around your home or property keeping rattlesnakes and other wild snake out. We plan on doing alot more bees this summer aswell I think I might even start a new hobby of beekeeping myself, hive removal is one thing, but learning and producing your own honey just seems amazing to me. Bats are becoming a very large job aswell and constantly in demand. We have several new videos up on you tube check them out by accessing our website and going to We also are coming out with our own trap line and design aswell very similar to the oring ones we use now just slightly modified. Call me trapper trevor on my cell directly at 18777240331. Call me anytime day or night and will take care of that critter . Happy trapping.

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