Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Call me trapper trevor on my cell at 18777240331., or check out our website skunk trapping in hollywood california is on the rise because of resent fires alot of animals have come down from the hills into residential areas of hollywood. All city animal trapping  a local trapping business has had a flood of calls and decided to lower the prices even lower to new customers in the hollywood area. This is also causing a little more coyote activity then normal chasing the smelly creatures into residential areas. Skunk are great for our ecosystem they eat rodents like mice and rats, and eat insects aswell. Their quite the little stinky scavengers. Skunks often burrow under homes where they make skunk dens to have their young. Most often people in hollywood are safe from this problem but were hearing more and more that skunk are spraying customers cats and dogs during night time when they come out to eat fidos dog food. Skunk smell and spray is potent. To safely remove use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dawn dish soap several times until the smell disappears. When skunks are threatened they jump on their front legs stomping to try and warn their boundaries are being crossed. If this doesnt work they spray and they continue spraying until they feel safe. Hollywood is full of stinks skunk. You smell them every morning and every night in hollywood. Skunks are nocturnal and normally dont come out until night time. They dig up lawns for grubs leaving small little golf chips in your grass as evidence. Watering your lawn less is one way to solve this problem in hollywood ca. Skunks are diggers similar to mole and gophers. They have no depth perception and fall into holes and become stuck all the time. Skunks are cute but dont be fooled they are the primary carrier of rabies in hollywood california.

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