Monday, March 15, 2010

Mahopac Raccoon Removal Raccoon Removal Mahopac NY Raccoon Trapping Mahopac NY Call Trapper Trevor on my cell phone anytime at 18777240331 and we will get back to you in a speedy matter

We are approaching the season where mother Raccoons are going to begin giving birth to their babies once this happens these little guys will be very active and awake all hours of the night, Baby raccoons are very cute but also very noisy and can create a terrible nuisance in your attic and walls keeping your family up all hours of the night.  Raccoons are very mischievous and will enter your home through a much smaller opening then expected.  Raccoon Trapping can be very complicated as well as raccoon removal.  At All City Animal Trapping we have been providing Raccoon trapping raccoon removal and raccoon relocation service for many years we offer 24-hr 7 day a week emergency service.  Raccoons will eat anything they can get there hand on and thanks to their opposable thumb they have have the ability to lift off garbage can lids and bull back screens in order to get access to your home as well as a food source. Call me trapper trevor on my cell at 18777240331 or check out my old los angeles website at
Raccoons will hunker down when it is time to give birth normally they will pick a dark hidden place in either your attic or crawl space of your home sometimes they also will be under a shed , pool area or any other abandoned area.

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