Friday, January 29, 2010


ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING has been servicing southern California for over twenty years. We are equipped to handle any nuisance opossum problem you can think of.  Some of the most common cases would be opossums in the attic, Mother opossums with babies, opossums in the chimney, opossums walking in the doggie door, dead opossums in the walls, opossums under the house, opossum cleanup, opossums with rabies,opossums in the yard, and opossums on the roof.  Our serviceable areas include Los Angeles opossum control, Orange County Opossum control, San Bernardino Opossum control, Ventura Opossum control, Riverside Opossum control, and San diego Opossum control.

Along with trapping and removing Opossums, we also specialize in Raccoon trapping and removal, Skunk trapping and removal, rodent trapping and removal, cat trapping and removal, coyote trapping and removal, bird trapping and removal, snake trapping and removal, dead animal removal, expert animal proofing repairs, clean up and decontamination, animal odor removal, custom traps sales and rentals, and organic pest control. Call us toll free for a free estimate (877)724-5314 

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