Friday, January 29, 2010

Animal Trappers Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, San Bernardino, Riverside, Fresno, All Animal Control

All City Animal Trapping is staffed with the most experienced trappers in Southern California. Each Animal Trapper has been trained by the legendary Trapper Trevor, and has years of experience trapping the most aggressive and complex urban wildlife of California.  Make the call today and have one of these experts out in no time. 877-724-5314
Full time wildlife expert, Trapper Mike
Al the time animal lover!

Below is Trapper Devin, a genius at all trades, we're so grateful to have him on our team

Trapper Bob from New Jersey

Trapper Jordan below, great at locating and removing animals on the spot

And finally there is Trapper Travis, he's got the most seniority but tends to be very camera shy...
we were lucky to get a shot of his hand petting an opossum below.

 We have several animal control technicians standing by to help you with your animal control problem. Animal control in Los angeles also has offices in San bernardino county, Riverside county, Orange county, Ventura county, and San diego county. We have been working in the animal control industry for about 20 years. We are constantly learning and studying new ways of safely removing animals and nuisance wildlife from your home or business. Animal control in Los angeles also has as a certified branch three pest control operator on stand by at all times for any pest control problem that might come up. 

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