Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Los Angeles California dead animal experts, Dead animal removal, Dead animal in my wall, Dead animal in my attic, An animal died under my house, Dead animal under my bath tub, it smells like dead animal and Ive had three companies out and they couldnt find anything how is your company different. CALL US AT 18777245314 ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING AND DEAD ANIMAL REMOVAL

ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING TECNICIANS ARE SKILLED AND TRAINED IN THE REMOVAL OF DEAD ANIMALS FROM WALL, UNDERNEATH HOMES, FROM ATTICS, WE DO THE DEAD ANIMAL JOBS THE OTHER COMPANIES JUST CANT DO.  All city animal trapping of Los angeles we are the dead animal experts we specialize in the dead animal jobs the others guys and your local pest control company just cant do. Dead animal jobs can be extremely easy to extremely difficult. Some jobs require fiber optic cameras, cutting into walls, cutting into floors, getting underneath subfloors, but our most important tool is knowledge and years of experience in dealing with the toughest dead animal jobs on the plane. Your local pest control or animal trapping may come out find nothing and charge an arm or a leg sometimes for a couple hundred dollars after they accomplish nothing they toss and odor absorbent bag in the area where it smells just to shut you up. This is a gimmick a lot of companies use when they have no knowledge or experience when it comes to dead animal removal jobs. Typically you will call your local large pest control company out for the job or its included in your monthly service. A pest control technician has not been properly trained, nor does he get paid enough to be  even remotely interested in work that needs to be done to solve your dead animal problem. Most dead animal jobs are a combination of things, The most common is a pest control company using poison to kill the rats in attics or around homes. The rats then die in the strangest places making it extremely difficult to fins a creature that small, but trust me the smell is horrible and can lasts months. Second is larger non target animals eating this poison or being poisoned by neighborhood vigilantes causing a squirrel or adult raccoon to die often in a wall or attic. Third would be a rat or mouse in your house, these rodents are always sharpening their teeth on wires mainly electric. So you guessed it they constantly get zapped to death, this is the number one offender of dead animals in a wall. We always start off by checking all electrical outlets this is where most are found after being zapped. Next would be opossums these not so bright creatures are often found under bath tubs and in sub floors they got to there or another animal den when death is upon them. Not sure why but it never fails. Who wouldn't want to die in the comfort of there own home.    
 Raccoons often die of old age, or disease, often found in wall soffits or in dens trying stay warm and out of danger. CALL US AT 18777245314 ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING.

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