Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raccoon Control in Salt Lake City & Provo!!

 Do you have nuisance raccoons on your property? Call All City Animal Trapping, your raccoon trapping specialist. Having raccoons around your neighborhood can become a huge problem, they can damage your lawn and garden, move into your attic or crawl space, also leave droppings around your property that may contain diseases that can possibly get your animals sick. Raccoons are also known to carry rabies and parvovirus. We at All City Animal Trapping have over 20 years of experience in raccoon trapping, so we have the experience to rid your home of any raccoon problem. You can check out some of our work at Call Vic today @ 310.809.8877 for your free quote! We now service Salt Lake City & Provo! We at All City Animal Trapping are looking forward to serving you! Thanks for your time.


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