Saturday, February 12, 2011

DeadAnimalRemoval,Treatments/Cleanup in Salt Lake City & Provo!!!

 Do you have an odor coming from your crawl space? Then you need to call All City Animal Trapping now @ 877.724.5314. We offer same-day service, a low-price guarantee & senior citizen discounts. We remove dead animals on a daily basis. We locate the animal, remove the animal and treat the area so the odor dissipates in a couple of days. Our technicians have the resources, tools and experience to handle any dead animal situation. Our technicians carry fiber-optic cameras in case animals are in an area that is hard to   access. We are available anytime. Any day. We work weekends & holidays to ensure that any animal issue can be dealt with. Please check out our website @ for more info, photos and links to our facebook & twitter accounts. We also are now proudly serving Salt Lake City!! We at All City Animal Trapping look forward to serving you. Thank you!

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