Friday, October 1, 2010

Is the safety of your family, pets & home being threatened by bees, wasps or hornets?? Then you need to call @ 310.809.8877. immediately. At All City Animal Trapping we have the training, experience and resources to handle any problematic pests that you may have. There is no job too small or too large. It is imperative that you contact a professional to handle any job that involves bees, wasps or hornets because of the dangers that these types of jobs may have.  Here, what seemed to be a fairly large hive, turned out to be a massive hive that had thousands of bees in it.
Bees only need a small entry point to gain access into your home. Once inside, they work for the Queen to make honeycombs. At All City Animal Trapping & Pest Control, we get inside as well and remove the Queen and all parts & pieces of the actual honeycomb. If the  Queen is still there and there's residual honeycomb, your problem will still be active. The bees WILL return. So before it's too late, Give one of our qualified operators a call @ 310.809.8877 so we can take care of your BEE, WASP or HORNET problem. Call anytime on any day. We also offer SAME-DAY SERVICE!! All City Animal Trapping & Pest Control would like to rid your California home of all pests so that you can enjoy your home or business without the fear of an attack. We also trap raccoons, skunks, opossums, rats, bats, feral cats, birds, etc... If you have a pest/ animal problem, We'll trap it!!

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