Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you have unwanted wild animals running amok under your house? Has a raccoon ripped off one of your vent covers? Is your deck exposed like this one used to be? Then you need to call All City Animal Trapping immediately. We specialize in animal-proofing homes and businesses. Raccoons are very strong and have opposable thumbs. They can literally grab a vent and rip it right off. We at have the experience and skill-set to close off any entry points that you may have. From a hole the size of a quarter that a rat can squeeze through, to a massive opening under your deck that leads straight under your house. 
The last thing we want to do is trap the animal under your house. This is not a good thing. Our technicians will go under your house and give your entire property a thorough inspection. Once we deem the animal is gone, we will do any repair work that your home or business needs to keep any animals from re-entering and nesting. You can find us on the link above or call # 310.809.8877. Anytime. Any day. We at All City Animal Trapping are looking forward to serving you. Thank you.

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