Sunday, April 18, 2010

raccoon trapping in los angeles raccoons in attics with babies all city animal trapping has 20 years experience call me trapper trevor anytime day or night for an problem solved in a speedy time frame in los angeles call me trapper trevor on my cell at 13108098877

Call me, Trapper Trevor, on my cell at 310-809-8877, Owner of  Raccoons are wreaking havoc for Los Angeles home owners. LA is known as the city of Angels. But right now its baby season for not only raccoons, but skunks, coyotes, opossums, snakes, even bees are appearing earlier then normal this year. Raccoons and opossums typically find their way into your home or attic thru a hole on the roof left by roofers or the animals tear things apart until they find their own way in. Raccoons will use the same attic for a den for multiple years in a row. While opossums often find abandoned dens and make them their home. Pheromones are something all animal have and all animals are natural attracted to, some pheromones warn animals of predators while others make animals attracted to curtain places like attics. An animal can tell by the smell pheromones left behind by other animals if a den is empty or not. Mother raccoons love attics to have their babies. Normally where two roof lines meet is where they find their way into the attic. We come out do a complete inspection of your entire attic looking for the mother raccoon and babies. Theres no point in setting up traps if were dealing with baby raccoons unless we locate the babies first. Having a trapped mother raccoon and not being able to reach the babies is a mistake made by inexperienced trappers. The mother often has her babies in the most inaccessible places of an attic, like a wall void, or soffit. When the babies are in these tight unreachable places we use eviction liquid its a pheromone taken from a male raccoon, when denying mother raccoon smells this she thinks a male raccoon is near and fears for her young and picks them up and relocates them within a week. About an ounce of this stuff put on cotton balls applied to the area using a pvc pipe inserted into a hole predrilled of coarse where you hear the most noise at night. Blow the cotton balls out of the pvc pipe into desired location safely.This stuff smells horrible and costs about a thousand dollars a gallon but works great on those unreachable areas. Sometimes this process needs to be done a couple times before success especially in large attics cause the mom can move her young around several times inside the attic before taking them to a new home. Some times we can scare the mom out of the attic grab the babies place them outside where shell find them in a warm box. The repair needs to be done immediately so she cant bring them right back in. Ammonia works as a good deterrent to get her out with or without babies this works for all raccoons. For a live removal of mother and babies or eviction liquid treatment we charge 150- 450 to solve the job on spot or grab the animals by hand using a dog stick/ snare poll. This is also the price for grabbing skunks or other wildlife from under a home by hand. We are one of the only trapping companies that offers this service. Trapping is only done when necessary. We bring out and set two freshly baited traps , placed near the opening or entry points the animal is using to go under your home or inside your attic. Some times on the roof but normally on the ground for the animals safety. We try not to place traps in attic, or under peoples homes cause its easier to check the traps outside and easier to deal with a trapped animal outside. Try removing a trapped skunk from under a house and you'll see why. We charge $150 to set two traps for one month and its $75 for every animal we remove during that month. The customer checks their own traps and calls us when theirs an animal that needs to be removed. If you can find any lower prices let me know we guarantee to beat any companies price by 10% or more. We have over 20 years experience in dealing with nuisance wildlife. We have a pest control license and trapping license no other company has this they either have one or the other not both this is what separates us from the competition.

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