Thursday, April 8, 2010

los angeles bee hive removal bee swarm removal in los angeles , wasp, and hive removal in los angeles, orange county, riverside county,ventura county and san bernardino county call me trapper trevor anytime day or night for a speedy hive removal on my cell at 1310 809 88877

All city animal and pest control are experts in bee 

removal in los angeles, San Bernardino county ca, Riverside county Ca, Orange county ca, Ventura county California , and Bakersfield county California. All city animal trapping and pest control are experts in bee removal in los angeles, San Bernardino county ca,Riverside county Ca, Orange county ca, Ventura county California , and Bakersfield county California. 
We specialize in live animal removal, dead animal 
removal, animal trapping,bee removal, 
extermination, honeycomb removal, pest control, 
bird control, rat control, coyotes, skunks,
 raccoons gophers,
wasp removal, extermination, We do it all unlike
 our competitors were your one stop
pest control shop. 
 Unlike any other competitor in California, we  
 all aspect of pest control specifically, bees, wasps,
 hornets and honeycomb
 removal. All of our trappers are well trained, 
 professional beekeepers that have been trained in 
our company All City Animal Trapping 
and Pest control which is a large commercial 
beekeeping and animal trapping company in
 Los Angeles California.

  Our competitors, are inexperienced and, are not
 beekeepers, but rather are
 pest control companies who do termite 
extermination, and other pest 
control. Most of them dont do bee control but stick 
to termites and structural pest control like spraying
 for roaches, and silverfish.
 The ones who do attempt it are seriously 
All pest control companies that do bee removal in 
California are regulated by the State of
 California, Structural Pest Control Board. Here at 
All City Animal Trapping and pest control not only
 are we expert trappers licensed by the department 
of fish and game but we have a structural pest 
 license aswell which separates us from the rest. 
Ask our competitors to show you both licenses 
95% dont
 have both.

 Most of our trappers are trained beekeepers, our 
specialists are held to the same standards as other
 “pest control companies,” but, our specialists have
 a huge advantage 
over operators trained only in pest control. Our
 specialists are trained for  
 years in our beekeeping company and have a
 huge amount
knowledge of bee biology and bee behaviors. 
We have specialized equipment
 that only we have, our bee removal experts are 
 able to identify whether its a newly established 
 or an older colony. The main advantage of using 

our company is that we use pheromone 
concentrating and calming agents like sugar water
 and smokers

and non-toxic or very low toxicity pesticides. Clearly

our methods are special
 and tested with years of experience. We have been
 established for years in the animal trapping business 
and are well known by
 our reputation of getting the job done properly in a 
speedy time frame anytime day or night. 

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