Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rat Control in Palos Verdes, Rat Trapping & Removal in Palos Verdes

 Do you have unwanted rodents in your attic that keep you up all night? Then call All City Animal Trapping today and have them removed. 877.724.5314. You can also visit our website @ for more info, photos & links to our facebook & twitter accounts. We also offer live rat traps. We do the repairs the same day to start the removal process. We offer a low-price guarantee, same-day service and senior citizen specials! So call one of our trained operators today for your free quote. We work everyday day of the week to ensure your safety. Rats could be a danger to your health. If you have rats please consult a professional. We at All City Animal Trapping look forward to serving you.


  1. Once you've gotten rid of rats in your home. It's time to make sure that they never come back. Seal off any holes that you have on the outside of your house. Rats love basements and attics, so make sure that you inspect those two areas thoroughly. Cement, with metal shavings works well. It will also help if the outside surface of the plugged hole is smooth, so that the rats do not have anything to hold on to if they attempt to gnaw through the hole again. Make sure that the outside of your house is free of debris (which the rats can use as shelter), food (seal off your garbage in containers), and water (leave your pooch's water bowl inside).

  2. Rat trap is very good for controlling rat infestation. Right place of setting trap is very important. Also choosing the right type of food used into the trap is very important. The only problem of using trap is to handle the dead body of the mouse. Thanks for the article.

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  3. The dangers of rodents is quite real and the necessity of a rat trap is great in many circumstances.

  4. Vector snap trap is a good and popular product used for controlling rats. Sticky traps are also good for controlling rats. I am a fan of vector snap trap.

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  5. Awesome man.. Very nice ways of controlling rats.. I will try to use this method to control rats in my home..

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