Friday, December 3, 2010


Are you in need of customized animal proofing measures? Well if you are, then give one of our trained operators a call today to schedule the soonest possible appointment. Our technicians not only trap wild animals on a daily basis, they have the skill set to deter them with handy, preventative methods that are guaranteed for 10 years. If at any time one of our repairs is breached, we will come out for free to fix it. We deal with these kinds of repairs all of the time and are eager to offer our assistance to all in need. We take great pride in our work and operate in a very timely and professional manner. We are a humane animal trapping company and care deeply for animals. However, we do believe that they shouldn't live under your house or in your attic. We can take any and all steps to eliminate the animal problems that you may have. Whether it be trapping and removing of animals or taking necessary steps in proofing your home or business. We do custom work all the time. No 2 situations are alike and we totally understand that. So please give us a call any time. Any day 310.809.8877 for your free quote!!! 

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