Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rat Control In Riverside California, Call All City Animal Trapping And Ask For Trapper Ken @ 877-724-5314

If you have a rat problem, All City Animal Trapping  can resolve it rather if its in your home of place of business
For your rat problems call All City Animal Trapping 877-724-5314 , we have over 20 years experience in rat control. Rats can become a huge problem if the situation isn't handled as quick as possible. Rats multiply rapidly and carry many diseases, they also will bring mites into your home which causes all types of allergies, even skin irritation. Also rats can die inside your walls, attic, crawl space, etc. and leave an extremely bad smell for up to two to four weeks. You may not know but the largest rat can fit inside a hole as small as a quarter , they have a great way of flattening there spine and find there way inside your home. Give All City Animal Trapping a call and we will come out and start the process of ridding your home of rats. We offer snap traps and live rat traps. We also do repairs and we are extremely good at finding entry points so we are sure everything is sealed up properly so once the problem is solved, it will never happen again. 


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  2. The trap is very deadly!!!!!!!!!!!! No way to escape from it. I like and depend on those traps. Thanks for the article.

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