Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Trapper Trevor owner of ALL CITY ANIMAL TRAPPING and Removal in Southern California cant believe his eyes. Winter is here and the nuisance wildlife calls throughout southern California will not stop. Of course December thru February are the slowest months due to holidays and cold-weather. However we are not noticing that big of a difference in calls. Most urban wildlife that we trap does not hibernate but they do fatten up for the colder months and definitely sleep more then normal during these months. Slowing down animal activity in the Southern California area. Skunks will typically still be active during these months and few animals making noises or dens in attics is normal this time of year. We have not slowed down this year at all are trappers are busier then ever and you will hear no complaints from us. The trapping industry as a whole seems to be recession proof and this was are busiest year ever. Most of our growth this year is do to the dedication of our trappers to their work and keeping there customers happy. All city animal trappers are constantly learning techniques on a daily basis to improve their animal trapping and animal control skills. We had a lot of bird and bat jobs this year and were noticing a big difference in the amount of snake calls we get on a daily basis. Attic clean ups and restorations will be are new focus this year. We plan on opening a new office in the city of Garden ca.  We look forward to seeing how much more we can accomplish this year in 2010. We are realizing that the old methods of trapping are long gone and having better tools, equipment, and training is what sets us apart from the competition.

This is a fire department in long beach. They had a bad pigeon problem even after they already had another company come out and install netting with zippers to try and close of the air conditioning units. The netting had gotten old and frail over a couple years it shrunk so much that it left holes thru out the design and they had more pigeon problems then ever before. Cheap materials used on jobs to cut cost is every customers nightmare, in time they fall apart and just don't last. Their regular pest control company wasn't ready for the challenge so they recommend us.

There were over 50 dead pigeon carcasses that we removed. Along with 25 different nest locations extracted as well. Along with about 200 pigeons nesting and roosting using the air conditioners as homes. The returns for the air conditioners were covered in poop and feather and all sorts of bird matter. This can cause serious health problems an illness for any fire fighter in the house. As soon as the firefighter noticed the problem their captain stopped all use of the air conditioner until the job was complete. Making it safe for the firehouse to use again with no bird particles flying in.

All of our Trappers study bird exclusion techniques and stay current with new bird barrier products and how to professionally use and apply them. The captain at this department wanted an idiot proof cage over the units that would last for years. Using durable netting from bird barrier on the the top and galvanized screen on the walls. We added french doors for easy access for air conditioning service. The pigeons continued to show up on this job so we had to add pigeon spikes to some places as well but they soon got the point.

All city animal trapping Trapper Wolf, Devin, and rob standing behind their work of three days finally done.
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